$1250 Balance Updated 8/16/19

One of our high school girls has the exciting opportunity to fly to the US in January for a 2 week trip with the English department of her school. She’s been diligently practicing English and in a huge victory, child services granted her permission to go! We’re thrilled that she will have this opportunity and have already paid the the first two payments and have acquired her passport. We still need:

  • $160 for her Student Visa

  • $500 due October 30

  • $550 due on November 30



First Payment of $1,890 Updated 8/16/19

A painful but necessary expense, we have focused for the last year on rebuilding our administrative foundation. In talking to lawyers and other children’s homes, we learned that our original staff contracts were not legal and further, our schedules needed to be reworked. But in order to sign the correct contracts and to legally protect ourselves and the children’s home, all of our current employees must be liquidated and then rehired. The whole process carries a hefty price tag of just under $15,000, but our first liquidation payment of $1,890 needs to be paid as soon as possible.



$600 Updated 8/16/19

For a long time, our tias and other childcare staff have been asking for uniforms. A couple of years ago for Christmas, we got them each two polo shirts with our logo and they’ve worn them thin. They want to feel more professional and while we love that idea, this is an extra expense we can’t fit into the budget with so many other current needs. If someone would like to adopt this project and help us to get polo shirts embroidered for our tias and technical staff, we…and they…would be so grateful! The uniforms could be done in the US and sent down or money sent down so that we can embroider them here.