The Child Sponsorship Program is a heartwarming way to invest in Residence of Life. For those seeking a more personal connection with the ministry, sponsoring a child will allow you to build a relationship with one of our kids, exchanging letters and photos with them throughout the year! The child sponsors or “padrinos” as they are lovingly called, are heroes in the eyes of our kids. Translated, padrino means “godparent” and it’s to this esteem that they are held. Not only do the kids feel special and dearly loved, it’s a tremendous blessing to the sponsors to watch a child grow, knowing that God has used them to impact a young life in such a special way!

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All contributions made towards our Child Sponsorship Program go into the same general fund as our other donations and help us meet the day to day needs in the home. The only real difference is that becoming a child sponsor offers you the opportunity to build a life-long relationship with one of our kids!

If each one of our kids was fully sponsored at $200 a month, it would help us make huge strides in easing the monthly shortfall and enable us to better provide. That amount of two hundred dollars has been broken down so that six people, each giving $35 can collectively cover a child’s needs for the month.

A Shared Sponsorship is $35 a month.

A Full Sponsorship is $200 a month.

Rest assured that a portion of your monthly support also goes towards the “extra” that’s needed to pay for things like birthday parties and gifts, occasional outings, vacation, field trips, and other fun events that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford! Our heart is to give the kids the most normal life possible, but we can’t do that without your help.


If you have made the decision to sponsor a child, please click the button below. Choose “Residence of Life Child Sponsorship” from the dropdown menu to easily set up your payment.

Because our children come to us under the protection of child services, we can not post their faces online for safety purposes. For that reason, we don’t operate as other sponsorship programs, and can only match our kids once a monthly commitment has been made. When we are notified of your monthly commitment, we will contact you via email to match you with your child! At that point, if there is a preference for a specific gender, age range or child (for those who have been down here), we will match you with the boy or girl that best fits your request. When there are no specifications, the new sponsor will be matched to the child with the most need