Not A Care In The World

Last week, we took the kids up to Poas to tour a dairy farm and strawberry plantation. While it was nothing most hadn’t seen before (as evidenced by their obvious experience milking cows!), it was nice to just get away for the day and enjoy the brisk, mountain air. Along with our 12 passenger van, we were blessed with several additional drivers to help us transport kids and staff alike.

After a picnic lunch at the top of the mountain with an amazing view of the valley, we headed home. A cold rain began and all the cars filed into a caravan line to head back down the mountain. Three of the kids from Casa Casey rode in my car, one of them our newest little boy of 7. They chattered excitedly for a few minutes but quickly quieted down and settled in for a nap. With music playing softly, I glanced in the rearview mirror soon after to find that they all were fast asleep.

It may have seemed like an insignificant moment, but it touched my heart in an unexpected way. As I navigated the narrow, curving mountain roads in the rain, I thought about road trips with my family as a child. I was always the kid that couldn’t sleep because I was convinced if I did, my parent driving would also fall asleep. I fought to keep my eyes open for hours upon hours just to make sure I kept my parent awake and that my family arrived at our destination safely. At least that’s how it worked in my childlike mind.

I thought about the 3 little ones riding with me and the stories their files hold. The losses they’ve experienced, the tragedies they’ve faced, the fears they were still battling through and the million and one ways important people in their lives had shown them that people can’t be trusted. And yet, here they were sleeping deeply without a care in the world. Their unspoken confidence in me was humbling. I observed the rain pounding the windshield, the curvy mountain roads with buses flying around tight corners and knew that they had every right to be on edge. But they slept peacefully. There was no fear whatsoever. Not even a hint of the travel anxiety that I had experienced as a child.

After a hard week, it was a warm reminder of the confidence we can have in God; while we may not be aware of where our lives are going or what is going on behind the scenes, we can rest peacefully knowing He’s in full control and will carry us to wherever we need to be.

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