If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, there is a quick and easy way that you can help Residence of Life!

Simply log in to and save Residence of Life, Inc, registered in Ashgrove, Missouri, as your charity of choice. Then, every time you shop through Amazon Smile (same products, prices and already contains all of your account info), Amazon will donate .5% of each purchase to the children's home. It may not seem like much individually, but every little bit adds up!

Please note that Amazon will only donate when the purchases are done through the Smile site. An easy way to remember this is to add Amazon Smile to the home screen of your phone or iPad and delete the normal Amazon app. The shortcut looks and functions just like the app, making your every purchase count!

We also have an Amazon wish list if you’d like to bless our ministry. Click here to view the list of wanted items. The gifts will be sent to Florida and brought back to Costa Rica as we have someone traveling back and forth almost every month.